Europe’s Leading Sport & Exercise Nutrition Conference

International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, All Saints Campus, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6BH, United Kingdom


Manchester Metropolitan University Business School

16th – 18th December 2024


The conference program has two themes: Science Theme and Applied Theme. The world’s leading experts will give their insights into the effects of diet and exercise on health and performance.

Leading international speakers will present the latest evidence and encourage discussion and interaction.

Delegates will gain greater knowledge and receive comprehensive tips, advice, and practical help from leading global experts.

Attended by delegates in the highest roles in nutrition from across the globe for some of the biggest brands, sports teams and educational institutions.

Sport & Exercise Nutrition Conference

Europe’s Leading Sport & Exercise Nutrition Conference



  • Events running for the past 12 years with a proven track record.
  • Over 40 countries represented
  • Exhibitors from the top brands in nutrition
  • Highest regarded conference for scientific progression
  • Working alongside the International Olympic Committee Diploma
  • Expert speakers, with the highest reputation in sport nutrition, flown in from around the world.
  • 92% of Delegates from 2023 wanted to see the conference repeated

Delegates from renowned Corporations


Previous Guests and Supportive Speakers


Showcase your research and associate your brand

Showcase your research and associate your brand name with Europe’s largest and most reputable nutrition conference, with a proven track record of scientific progression. Position your name at the forefront of the minds of leaders in the academic field and connect face to face with industry delegates in top-tier positions within the nutrition industry.

Want to support the conference and contribute to the scientific progression of the industry?

Program Committee

- Prof Graeme Close

Program Committee

- Prof Ron Maughan

Chair of Program Committee

- Prof Craig Sale

Program Committee
Abstract Submission

There will be opportunities at the Conference for the presentation of Communications in Poster and Oral format.


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